A little bit of our history in this world

simple but powerful

One of our customers gave us the nickname “Q“, after the famous James Bond inventor. Another calls us “MacGyver” after the resourceful hero of the hit 1980s TV show of the same name. We find the comparisons very flattering, but also very true.

In simple words: we are providing innovative technological solutions for problems, needs and opportunities worldwide. We tackle problems, needs and opportunities in a wide spectrum of industries and complexities: from consumer products to elite defense systems, from simple gadgets to complex mathematical algorithms.

Throughout the years, we have optimized and perfected our development and implementation/ production processes,to provide the highest quality solutions in the lowest costs possible. How do we do that? Not by saving on the quality of people we employ; we do use some of the best minds money can buy. What we do try, however, is to be very, very efficient


This is the section where you read about things we’ve done and activities we’ve been involved with; you’re going to read about Artificial Islands and Cyborgs and e-paper and RFIDs and solving medical conditions and even the world’s fastest dishwasher.

The first impression you’d probably get is that it looks like a lot of fun. Well… it is! Don’t tell anybody, but we actually love what we do. We just enjoy solving problems and needs, and we give our best to achieve the best solution we can offer for our customers. It’s that simple.

We hope that we can convey here the amount of hard work and care we’ve put in each and every one of our projects. Each project was unique in its approach and was given our best. We are proud of all of them! For your convenience, we’ve divided this section into two main areas.

Commercial Experiences

Using a simple GPS system, a little robotics and an ingenious algorithm, We build a system of robots who knew how to collect material from one of the waterand dumb them in several locations,creating an artificial island of specific design. The system helped build some of the artificial entertainment island in Macau, China.

Eliminating the need for power, we made a stand-alone wireless intrusion detection unit, term "The Southern Cat". to be used in the remotest of places. Just place it, turn it on-and you're good to go.Every intruction will be immediately reported to your cell phone or e-mail. Units are available here for purchase.

Eliminating the need for disk-on-keys in addition to printed documents,we invented a method of summarizing every document into an optical code easily read by every scanner.

By using a very powerful patented RFID capsule, the VeriChip,almost anything and anybody could be "tagged" to use with computerized readers, for various applications: location management, anti-theft, logistics uses and more.

By developing a unique crystal glasses, we helped treat Strabismus(commonly know as cross eye) by providing an accurate assessment, using advanced optical technologies. The innovation eventually led to better diagnosis and better treatment of Strabismus.

We took hands-free common Bluetooth earphones and revamped them into a complete, ultra-secure point-to-point communication system, without the need for a personal phone. The result was an ultra portable, hands-gree, ultra secure walkie talkie network.

Loginet was one of the world pioneer in Cellular Auto Vehicle Location GPS system. We since then built many platforms and applied the GPS methodology on many applications on the Land, Air or Sea.

In just 30 seconds,FreshCupTM, an office dishwasher, cleans and sanitizes cups, small dishes and cutlery.Invented in the 1990's, Freshcup is a success story, sold to countless offices and small homes around the world

An add-on to classic watchdog security activities, we developed a system which recognizes the content of a security dog's barks & translates them into an on-line system. With this system our customer saves precious time and resources, immediately identifying the threat without the need for a human to check the situations

Military Experiences

This calibration suitcase, enables to monitor data by stars calibration. All the information is being processed and anable to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances

By using cutting edge Augmented Reality technology, we developed a helmet which, when put on, provided any soldier with a wealth of real time, visual information, dramatically upgrading his capabilities in terms of safety, orientation in the battlefield, command & control and more

We are proud to have served as a key designer of the Green Pine, one of the systems consisting of the acclaimed Israeli Arrow (Hetz) anti ballistic missile protection system. Using ours and our partners’ knowledge, we helped the Arrow be one of the most talked about products in the anti-ballistic field.

Some of our strongest product lines are mobile Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems. We are very proud of these robo-spies, which incorporate the most advanced optical, acoustics, communication and mechanical technologies.

An innovative approach was required in order to handle video data traveling in 1,400 KPH (over Mach 1), with super-complex encryption to match. The result was one of the fastest “eyes” in the market, providing real time, high-resolution video data for miscellaneous purposes.

In record time and under extreme conditions, we upgraded a collection of simple shoulder-launched missile weapons into a complex, and much more accurate, surface to air missile system, using advanced target acquisition and lightning-speed deployment times.

By using common commercial Graphics Processing Units (such as those sold by nVidia or ATI) replace the very costly designated RADAR GPUs, we were able provide the same functionality at a fraction of the cost, thus reducing RADAR manufacturing costs by a great deal.

Using uniquely developed stand alone alarm systems, we fortified existing bunkers with more sensing capabilities, increasing the effective range of intrusion detection.

We designed and manufactured a portable power-house, easily carried by man or vehicle. This unit enables communication and electricity for all kinds of communication and electrical devices whenever you need it, wherever you need it. We made several designs of this unit, using regular power, Power over Ethernet and more.

A breakthrough in the field of SIGINT, the Yated (Hebrew for “Peg”) can be planted in the ground, and, while invisible and undetected, gather critical and accurate intelligence from its surroundings for a long period of time. Advanced sensors, together with ingenious algorithmics, makes this seemingly “blind” device come alive with sight & sound perception, and identification capabilities to analyze and describe a surprisingly huge collection of unique events.